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Mobile locksmiths in Brisbane

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Finding mobile locksmiths in Brisbane is very easy with so many choices on the internet. But how do you tell which mobile locksmiths are reliable, trustworthy and competent. Its easy – start with credibility and choose only a locksmiths who has been around for at least 20 years. If they have made it to 20 years they must be doing something right. Trustworthy is measured by the number of repeat customers and referrals that arrive on the doorstep or phone.

We are proud members of the Master Locksmiths Association as well as the Locksmiths Guild of Australia. Our two shops are also a measure of commitment and professionalism. Many mobile only locksmiths come and go. We have been serving Brisbane residents since 1987, this will be our 30th year.

All our locksmith and security staff must be licensed as per the Queensland Security Providers Act 1993.  This act ensures license holders are absolutely clear of  criminal convictions and charges. Each Locksmith we employee has submitted themselves to be finger and palm printed. These are both carried out and stored on record by the Qld Police department.

Whilst all this is important any quality mobile locksmiths in Brisbane need also to be able to deliver the results that clients need and expect. In line with this we easily perform “same day locksmith work”. Also because we operate a fleet of 8 mobile locksmith vans we are regularly called upon to perform “emergency lock work”. This is sometimes impossible for the smaller one man “vannie” locksmiths when they are busy doing a job in another suburb or sick with gastro.

Alas the lock outs and break ins don’t only happen during normal hours. So to the rescue we come, our emergency after hours mobile locksmiths are always available, 24 hours 365 days a year. Grateful clients often tell us we “must be one of the only locksmith who answer the phone”. We can do this because we have a roster which ensures that you have access to a locksmith day or night, hail or shine. Something single operators cannot do consistently. However action will always be greater than words so call 1300 556500 and put us to the test.


Mobile locksmiths in Brisbane
Mobile vans to all suburbs
Mobile Locksmiths Brisbane
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Big or small we can help !
Big or small we can help !


All hours - 24/7
All hours – 24/7

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