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Monitored alarm system repairs Brisbane City & suburbs

In this post I will explain how monitored alarm system repairs can save you a costly insurance claim. A monitored alarm system will definitely give you peace of mind. Alarms have gone from being a luxury that were used almost exclusively by Brisbane business’s to become a necessity.

In fact Insurance companies who are very skilled at making their books balance. They may take a hit when there is a big flood or cyclone but you can bet they will get it back from increased premiums. You can also count on them to adjust their clients premiums so that they don’t lose money in other ways.Well how does this affect you ? Put simply they “encourage” their clients to behave in ways make them a less likely target. They apply a formula to your particular situation.

If you live in suburb X you may have to install a monitored alarm system (commonly called a back to base alarm) to get a cheaper insurance premium. Remember Insurance companies are in the game of  “looking at ways to deny paying your claim” and if your monitored alarm is not working and you have a break in, they will reject you claim faster than you can say”not fair”.

In fact there is an Australian Standard for maintaining and or servicing monitored alarm systems. It sets out the frequency of the service intervals which vary upon what type of alarm is installed. This is one of the first things an Insurance company will check when you put a claim in to recover items stolen during a break and enter.

Monitored alarm systems send information to the “control room” and these records can show when an alarm was activated. If it was operating normally prior and during a break in event. When we either service or attend to repair a monitored alarm system we record what we found wrong and what was repaired and or replaced.

Once we have done the repair we will put the monitored alarm system through its paces and give you a written record of same. So for all and any monitored alarm system repairs Brisbane wide call 1300 556500.

The word “trouble’ says it all !

Geckos, a common reason for false alarms, we have a solution !

I typical Dual trigger passive infrared detector

Mobile alarm repairs to all Brisbane suburbs

Our techs are fully licensed and uniformed !

Monitored alarm system repairs Brisbane version 1.12

Click here to get access to the Australian Standard for Security system ( AS/NZS 2201 Standards suite current status )