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Monitored alarm systems Brisbane

Insurance companies are in the business of spreading the risk. They do this by charging premiums for different activities in various areas. The point however is that they always win and this is done by charging more for those high risk areas and activities.

By installing monitored alarm systems Brisbane residents can be sure this one strategy is the best to make your Brisbane home or business less attractive to criminals and assist with your premiums. We have been installing monitored alarm systems Brisbane business’s and home owners rely on to deter crime for 28 years.

There has been incredible advances in alarm technology over the last 10 years. Prior to this alarm systems used the telephone line to send information back to the control room. The criminals soon worked out that all that was required to render it useless was to cut the power and or phone lines to the premises.

Alas there are “security installers” who are still installing these antiquated alarm systems. The solution to this type of attack is to install a GPRS alarm. These new technology alarms (they have been around since 2006) utilise the GPRS wireless network and send information via twin sim cards.

Should a criminal cut the power or phone lines. The alarm panel will send a “tamper” signal to the control room. Once aware that an attack is taking place the control operator can make decisions about what actions to take.

Such as sending a patrol, logging in to the CCTV camera system. And do a “virtual patrol” or wait for more alarm data to present which would confirm a break in. One reason people choose a “local alarm” over a monitored alarm system is the recurring monthly costs. Whilst a local alarm is good for scaring criminals away a monitored alarm can also report a fire to the fire brigade when you are away.

Many house fires are only reported when the fire gets to a size (intensifies) that draws attention. When you have questions about installation of alarm systems Brisbane to the Gold Coast call us for a no obligation quote on 1300556500.

Our vans are sign written, staff are licensed and uniformed !

Installing the very latest equipment makes a lot of sense.

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Click here for QLD Police advice on Monitored alarms