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We field quite a few calls from people wanting to build their own personal vault, bunker or armoury. It does not appear to be that complicated from where I sit. Build a small besser block room and then core filling the blocks with rebar and concrete. Make up some form work for the ceiling or lid and pour 100mm thick slab on top. Well it does sound easy on paper but lots of Australian blokes do it. I guess the bigger you make the room the more help you would need.

A small 4m x 2.5m room is very different to a 5 x 4. We can sell a new strong room door Australia men can install on their man cave. In fact our NEW strongroom doors are a piece of cake to install. The hardest part would be getting the door laying down in front of the 1980 x 980 hole. The hole must be in the middle of the wall or more precisely NOT on a corner.

Our new KS-SR doors have a inner and outer “clam shell” frame. Check our the pictures below, anyway once you get the door & frame upright. Open the door to 80 degrees and chock it. Then separate the inner frame and take it inside the vault. Gently move the standing door towards the opening. This will ensure the outer frame is snug against the outer wall.

Once the outer door frame is hard up against the outside wall simple overlap the inner frame. Insert the allen bolts, and using big G clamps squeeze the frames onto the wall. Tighten all the bolts and check the door doesn’t swing open wildly. There are nuts welded to the inside of the inner frame. When you screw a bolt through the bolt it will pull the inner frame off the inner wall.Well that’s a quick overview, I am happy to help with more detail over the phone too. Back to my new strong room doors, they have a 12 mm thick door. The frame is 5 mm folded steel and it even has a emergency internal release. The digital lock and secondary keylock ensures its very secure. If crims try and cut through the door there are relocking devices that lock it. These doors are good value and we have them in stock all the time. Call or email me anytime for extra info.

New strong room door Australia ver 2.1

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Our latest strongroom door

The frame has adjustable slots for different thickness walls

Here we are moving the door into position

Some core filled besser blocks, concrete and reo and Voila, a Vault

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