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Nursing home security systems Brisbane

Nursing home security systems can incorporate many different technologies to help protect the vulnerable and infirm. This is a unique challenge as we have to balance the security risks against emergency or fire egress. Our most commonly installed system is dual keypad access control.

This is used to keep unknown strangers out and residents with dementia in. The nursing home manager can input 10 or 20 different entry codes and each month drop one off and issue a new one. A magnet locking system is our preferred locking device.

The main reason that is very simple and has only 2 moving parts. A power source is then used to lock or unlock it. Another advantage is that it can be connected to the fire indicator panel and in the event of an emergency will release and allow for easy exiting.

Since the tragic Quakers Hill nursing home fire in 2011. There has been greater attention placed of emergency exit hardware and procedures. Nursing homes are unique and fire exits can also be incorporated in the access control system.

We have a system that can either lock all doors down or conversely release all doors. The lock down mode is popular with schools and childcare centers. As this option has only be achieved if all doors are wired back to a central point.

It is now possible to do the same thing using a wireless network from a router. The door locks are standalone yet controllable from any computer connected to the internet or local area network. Probably the most significant change in the security industry has come from digital cameras.

Advances in camera technology allow greater coverage in a wide variety of lighting situations. Its also possible to program a camera security system to raise an alarm (via SMS ) if an object or person enters into the cameras (definable ) viewing area. What ever your requirement, maintenance, repair installation or upgrade we are sure to be able to help, simply call 1300 556500 for a site visit and security appraisal.


We can also fit auto door openers as well !A magnetic lock can also be wired into the fire indicator panel !Weatherproof keypadAny suburb, day or night !

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