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Over the last 20 years we have seen a huge increase in proximity card activated drawer locks. These are loosely termed “prox cards” and their popularity is increasing. People are move away from traditional mechanical operated key locks in droves for good reason. Prox card locking systems give incredible versatility and convenience all controlled by the click of a mouse.

These card security systems can be programmed to work drawer locks at specific times or by specific people. This can be arranged in almost limitless combinations. Should a staff member leave simply remove that user from the system. Another advantage is that each “event” is recorded and allows management to view the “audit trail” which shows who used which card when.The logical step to to expand the proximity security system to control other “equipment” as well as tradition entry and exit doors. Because we are experts with just about every locks there is. We can incorporate prox cards to numerous items. These can work cash drawers, tills, stock rooms, metal gates, dangerous drug safes, vending machines, fridges and much more.

Prox card or swipe card security systems have one flaw and that is they need power to operate and without power it all grinds to a halt. The obvious choice is to install a backup or standby power system such as a UPS. This is all fine however even the best systems fail and a over-ride key or keylock can help in this situation. We can add in a over-ride system to your “mission critical” security system so the wheels keep turning.

We have over 28 years in business and are regarded as Brisbane’s “can do security company” where no challenge is too difficult. Our safe division often works with the electronics division to install prox card locking systems on safes. This is instead of the traditional spin combination safe locks. In fact if it opens or closes, turns on or off we can add a electronic locking system to help control it. Call us today to discuss your requirements we will be keen to help.

Diplomat safe destroyed
We can add a prox card system to your safe
Diplomat safe review light grade steel bends easily

We can add prox card security metal gates too !

Diplomat safe review light grade steel bends easily

A standard Commercial Prox card reader with a key over-ride fitted

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