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Proximity card drug cabinets are becoming more mainstream with the integration of proximity card reader security systems. These can been found in hospitals and medical centres large buildings and even tennis courts. Proximity card security systems are excellent for controlling access of large numbers of persons through large buildings.

Most staff in hospitals work varying shifts. Old fashioned keyed locks can’t keep up with the demands required in this situation. It is logical that hospital staff can use their access or prox card to gain access to the dangerous drug safe. Whilst this seems simple enough the demand for proximity card drug cabinets is not enough that manufacturers produce them as a standard product.

We will supply the drug safe with a prox card reader to your specification. We supply them with all the electronic locking components less the reader. Typically our drug safes are supplied with a power to release locking option. This ensures should the system fail the dangerous drugs are still secure. It is critical the drug safe has an over ride mechanism which opens the safe in the event the system fails.

This is a boon if emergency access is critical. Other options are 12 or 24 voltage, fail safe or fail secure locking, stand alone digital locks or basic mechanical keys. Dangerous drug safe specifications vary from state to state throughout Australia. Qld Health Act has one of the most stringent specifications for the storage of dangerous drugs.

We carry a large range of these in our Brisbane showroom. In fact if you need a custom made drug cabinet we can also accommodate this requirement. Specialised safe modifications and installations are a specialty. Furthermore our Rocklea showroom has over 130 safes on display and we are happy to answer any questions. In closing we can modify or create just about any locking system you may need. Call us today on 1300 556500.

Diplomat safe destroyed

We can set this cabinet up to work from a prox reader

Diplomat safe review light grade steel bends easily

Prox card drug safes are becoming the standard for drug safes in many hospitals in Australia

Diplomat safe destroyed

A large range of security safes are on display !

Diplomat safe review light grade steel bends easily

This cabinet has a mechanical emergency key over-ride key system

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