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Refurbished safes Brisbane Qld

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Buying refurbished safes can definitely save you a packet. In fact a lot of modern safes are made with the focus on the cost of production. Rather than turning out safes that will withstand a spirited attack. Back in the eighties and early nineties safes were made with pride. The accountant’s cries were but a murmur in the background.

When I pull the inside cover off a Chubb Europa grade 3 safe and then compare it to a similar model made 20 years ago it’s easy to see the differences. The metal is markedly lighter gauge. The locks are of a lower quality. The locking bolts on the older one runs from the hinge side all the way across to the locking side. So long as you know what to buy you can get a much better safe for less money. However the trick is knowing.

Many older safes (pre 1970 ) used sawdust to protect the contents from fire. This sawdust created thick smoke in the event a criminal used a oxy cutter to open the safe. In comparison modern safes are filled with concrete which is heavy, hard to get through and a good insulator against heat .

We have been selling refurbished safes for almost 20 years. Over that period we have condemned and dumped a lot of safes. Any 2nd hand safe we sell comes with a 12 month warranty. This certainly takes a lot of the risk out of buying a secondhand safe. We scour Brisbane high and low, buying only the safes that will give our clients good value for money. Often we will sand and paint the safes. Its usually more economical to fit a brand new LaGard digital combination lock rather than recondition the old lock that comes with the safe.

As well as making it look pretty we can also customise the safe. W do this by fitting a time delay lock or internal cupboards and extra shelves. With the banks closing many Brisbane suburban branches we have seen a lot of big heavy safes (usually 6 foot tall) for safe on eBay and in auction houses. Whilst these may look attractive. It can be very expensive if one of these monsters has a malfunction. Opening a bank safe can cost up to $4000 if it’s a major breakdown. We are keen to help so even if the safe is for sale somewhere else call us for a free honest appraisal. Our phone is 1300 556500


Refurbished safes
A really good quality Lord Gold series safe.














Plasma cutter to modify a safe
Using a plasma cutter to modify the safe














Lots of safes to in our showroom indicates we know a thing or 2 about safes.



We move safes too !

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