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Safe combination lock change Brisbane


We have a dedicated and technically skilled safe and vault service team. And one of the most common requests is for a safe combination lock change. Safe combination locks can be tricky to open if you are not a regular user. And when it comes time to change the numbers it can be almost impossible. Spin combination locks used to very popular right up until the introduction of the digital safe lock.

A spin combination lock change can only be achieved if you know the existing combination and the safe is open. Also the correct “change key’ must be used. The exact procedure varies a little depending on which brand lock you have. There are a few differences, such as the  number of wheels the lock has.

With nearly 300 Google reviews it shows our customers love our service, and 98% are 5 STAR too !

We often get people ringing us who have attempted changing the combination. And for whatever reason they end up “scrambling” the lock. Once the combination is scrambled (or unknown) the lock must be dismantled and then reset. Then the whole changing procedure must be redone. Digital locks on the other hand are exceptionally easy to change.

Over the years I have asked my spin combination clients the standard safe techy question. “when was the last time the numbers where changed” ? and 99% of the time I am greeted with the same answer “I cant recall”. This really confirms that spin combinations are hard to change and as such are left alone.

This presents a real security risk. Because if there was to be a theft, the Police have a much more difficult tracking down who had access to the safe. Conversely if the lock code (on a digital safe lock) is changed with the departure of the relevant staff member. The Police have their job made much easier as the list of “suspects” who know the code is greatly reduced.

We are happy to come out and give you a safe combination lock change lesson on site. We will even supply a change key if you don’t have one. Removal of old the combination lock and installation of a digital lock in its place is also a snap for us. Call us today for any help with safe lock combination changes anywhere in Brisbane.

Typical Lagard digital lock keypad.

Typical S & G spin safe lock

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