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Safe combination lock repairs Brisbane

While most locksmiths are only competent to fix locks and keys. We at KGB have a specified safe division team. We move, sell and repair even the most difficult of safes. And occasionally we are called to even help our opposition when they get stuck. In the safe industry credibility and trust is paramount. Proficient in safe combination lock repairs Brisbane business owners and residents rely on our experienced work. Providing the best repair and advice money can buy. I personally worked for Lord safe company and know safes inside out. James is our lead safe technician and can open almost all safe combination locks without needing to drill them.

Our Coopers Plains workshop has modern metal working equipment from Metal lathes to Mill table. In addition to various welders and metal cutting machinery. We can rebuild worn out hinges, add new locks, install internal cupboards. For the not so mobile we can make a stand for your safe that will lift it up to a safe working height.

Most locksmiths in Brisbane don’t have many safes in stock and will try and sell you a safe from a brochure. Worse still they may even guide you to buy the WRONG safe because its all they have on their showroom floor. Anyone who is serious about selling or servicing safes should at least have a forklift. It is an essential piece of gear but the vast majority don’t even have one.

We can install a easy to use digital lock on any safe

Safe combination lock repairs are highly technical. This because the locks need to be very precise otherwise they would be easy to open. We can service or repair your combination or replace it with a new digital one. A digital or electronic safe lock is much easier to use as well as being more secure. A traditional spin combination lock has no penalty if someone tinkers with it or attempts to get it open. In theory someone could spend hours trying different numbers until they jag it open. A digital lock will shut down or go into lockout mode after 4 wrong attempts and then only allow one try every 5 minutes.

Regardless of the brand or age of your safe we can repair it or the lock in fact any part of it, call 1300 556500 !

Click here to see a VERY unprofessional safe opening

Safe combination lock repairs version 2.3

We do lots of bank repair jobs too !

Recalibrating a safe lock !

Unlike many smaller post office box locksmiths we have professional premises

DONT use someone who is UNLICENSED !! no matter how cheap they seem

Our vans are sign written & staff are uniformed with ID

Quality work by skilled locksmiths !

We have lots of safes and LOTS of experience with them !