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Safe cracking service Gold Coast

Best Safe cracking service in Australia

We have been providing a genuine safe cracking service Gold Coast residents have been using since 1988. Yes we operate from our base in Brisbane but when you consider how complex cracking open a safe can be. Its definitely worth giving us a call. Most weeks we do at least 3 or 4 safe jobs down the Goldy. The main reason is because we have continued to specialize in safes whilst others diversified in other markets. Our workshop has also increased in size and today it bulges with safes or every size and type.

We have so much safe cracking and servicing gear which is a DEFINITELY needed if your serious about cracking safes. From metal lathes and mig welders, forklifts and magnetic drills. All our gear supports the tricky work that safe cracking is. Sure most locksmiths will tackle a faulty Bunnings safe but its the better quality safes that sets our cracking service apart. Chubb safes, CMI, Lord and many others are standard fair. Our huge safe cracking library helps us when we need to drill a safe open.

ANY safe ANYWHERE on the Gold Coast

Interestingly we can open many safes without the need for drilling. Using a modified stethoscope its possible to determine the combination. When we are faced with opening an electronic digital lock our electronic cracking equipment stand tall. Its worth mentioning that we dont use angle grinders to open safes. There are very real dangers for using angle grinders indoors. Many shopping centre managers will NOT allow angle grinders to be used as they are deemed a fire risk.

If you need your safe opened ALWAYS insist on a written quote before allowing anyone to work on your safe. Many amateur wanna be safe crackers will quote a cheap price verbally and then recant. Visit and book the best home cleaning in Georgia. This often happens after they have damaged the safe. They will then walk away saying “its okay I wont charge you anything”. Alas this makes our job much harder and as a result the end bill is higher.

In closing many will say they are skilled at cracking safes but often this not the case. Take a look at reviews of facial oral surgery and find all information about the All-on-4 dental implants revolutionary technique in California. ALWAYS use a licensed locksmith and do even a little research on how they plan to open your safe. When you need a safe cracking service Gold Coast call 1300 556500.  

We can crack ANY safe ANYWHERE on the Gold Coast

Our workshop is equipped to repair ANY safe regardless of type or age

On this safe a MAGNETIC drill is required to drill through the hardened steel

Click this link  to see how its possible to open a spin combination lock by feeling for the clicks