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Safe lock service Brisbane

Get the Best Safe Lock Service Brisbane

A safe is designed to keep items safe, safe from fire, thieves or both. I have been selling and servicing safe locks for almost 38 years. Over this time one thing I have found is safe locks that aren’t serviced will play up. The issue however is more highlighted with a safe lock when the door is locked. When the problem is ignored to the point the safe cant be opened the cost can skyrocket. We can definitely open the safe and rectify any problem. In most cases we can change the spin combination lock over to a digital lock. This option can be cheaper than installing a brand new 3 number combination lock. We can also perform the safe lock service Brisbane wide, even down to the Gold Coast.

One of our main services we perform is changing safe combinations. This service can be done all over Brisbane. Tuition to change the combination yourself is also available. Safe combinations should be serviced every 5 years in a domestic situation, 2 years in a business capacity and annually in the Banking industry or a similarly high usage environment. When we service a safe we also lubricate all the boltwork, retention relocker cables and check that the hinges are not wearing. One of the most important services we offer is the door swing test.

All repairs we do are covered under our warranty policy

In this test we determine if the door could cause an injury by swinging closed due to being incorrectly balanced. A door that either swings open or swings closed could easily cause a serious injury to fingers or hands. Safes are usually placed up against walls.

If a door was to swing open and crash into the wall it may also damage items on the other side of the wall. Whatever type of safe or wherever the safe is in Brisbane we can open or fix it, call today on 1300 556500.


This Chubb safe repair was quite involvedIt doesn’t matter how big or small your safe is .. we can repair or replace it !This Chubb safe was destroyed in a huge fire – we were contracted to open it & retrieve the valuable contents ! Note after 4 hours of intense heat the contents remained in A1 conditionWe sell safes as well, we have lots of stock not just brochures.WE can fix most safes even if they have been attacked in a break & enter !

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