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Safe movers are not always big and hairy and have legs like tree trunks, well some of them. Whilst much thought is given to buying a new or second hand safe it seems that organizing the safe movers gets forgotten until the last minute. Moving a small safe is a job that some locksmiths (and furniture come safe mover) may attempt. However with the heavy safes or tricky installations they are usually passed on. We have been moving and repositioning safes for over 34 years. Because of the large volume of safes we sell we have a dedicated team of safe movers to wrangle the monsters into place.

Confidentiality is of the upmost importance to those who have valuables to protect. Being in the Security industry since 1988 we understand this concern. Don’t trust your precious items to a piano or fish tank mover who possibly has a criminal record. We are fully licensed and fingerprinted by the Office of Fair Trading as per the Security Providers Act.

In a perfect world much consideration would be given to where the safe is placed. It is best to locate the safe as close to possible to where it will be opened regularly. In addition care must be taken to ensure the door won’t “run away” or swing which in certain circumstances can cause a very severe injury. Stairs and steps are the safe movers nemesis. Whilst it may be possible to get the safe onto the stairs sometimes the stairs are not strong enough to take the weight.

Always check the people moving your safe are free from criminality, we have Qld Security LICENSES !

In the old days safe movers moved safes with grunt and attitude however in this very litigious world we believe safety is paramount. What is the point of getting a cheap or unskilled person to move a safe only to be faced with a injury claim. This can happen even if you are the building owner or tenant of a rented property.

When it comes time to relocate a safe we will be happy to unbolt it and do it all over again. In addition to safes we have moved other big heavy objects from statues to portable vaults. Recently we disassembled a 30 tonne strong room and disposed of it all within the client’s tight time frame and schedule.

We are also happy to perform the safe moving task at a specific time or in an unmarked vehicle. Few people are happy with everyone knowing they are taking delivery of a safe. We have also been asked to moves some “odd” items over the last 34 years. Such as a Statue moved from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. The owner was unimpressed when the Furniture Removalists they engaged baulked when told its weight was 300kg.

After hours safe movers available !

We regularly organize the removal and disposal of unwanted safes. Depending on the safe we may even pay you for it. Please note there are a lot of “junk” safes so if you are unsure send us a picture and we will appraise it for you. Finally safe moving is a specialist field dont risk it to those who are unskilled, check their Google reviews ! So in closing if you have any questions we invite your inquiry. Call us now for a free estimation !

safe movers

sometimes we have to think laterally (or rather vertically )

safe movers
This 1400kg safe was a challenge !
safe movers
A 900 kg Fichet safe tucked into a corner – we managed to coax it out
We do lots of tricky jobs, removing a strong room door for example !
Stairs can present a unique challenge ! – But we have a motorized stair climber
Removal of the door was necessary as the lift couldn’t handle the weight

Reliability and puncuality is paramount to us !

We are security licensed and have Qld Police clearance

We stock & recommend Guardall safes and we are their preferred safe movers

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