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Safe movers Beenleigh Logan City

When it comes time to move the immovable and relocate a heavy safe it needs to be done by professionals. For 15 years we have been moving, shifting, repositioning, wrestling, and removing safes. When it comes to safe movers Beenleigh Logan City residents have counted on us to do the job safely and efficiently.

With each safe move we check the floor or flooring carefully. To ensure it will support the weight of moving a heavy safe over it. If there is any risk of damage to the building of safe movers we engage the services of a qualified Structural Engineer.

We recently dismantled and removed a modular Chubb Vault that was left behind by a Bank and we had to under prop the floor with accrow props. Most jobs we do are usually not as complex but we still ensure our first priority is safety. It’s just not worth it to take short cuts.

I have seen many failed attempts by untrained people trying to move a heavy safe with either the incorrect equipment or the incorrect training. I first started moving safes in 1982 when I worked with Lord Safe company. In the olden days you could get away with taking risks but today the Workplace Safety rules ensure risks are kept to a minimum.

Safe moving and safe relocating is a skill that is not taught in any Trade Tech or school. Many of the techniques we use have been developed and refined over the years. Moving safes up or down stairs if by far the most dangerous aspect of the job.

We will double check every aspect of the job before we tackle it. To reposition a safe it is necessary to get access to a least 2 sides. We recently pulled a huge safe out of a wall, the wall had been built around the safe.

Access was limited to only the front of the safe. In this situation we had to anchor a base plate to the floor and then use a Port a power to inch the safe out. If you need safe movers any in Logan City simply call 1300 556500.

Send through a photo together with its sizes and we will provide a quotation. Finally we are also security licensed unlike many furniture movers so you can be sure your security and privacy will be protected.


This one is 2980kg – whew ! ex Bank safeSafety safety safety its not worth the risk in this litigious world !A 1400 kg safe being guided through a small doorway !This was a unique challenge !

Safe movers Beenleigh Logan City – Version 1.12

Click here to see a video of some amateurs moving a heavy safe – luck no one was killed !