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Safe movers Brisbane City and suburbs

It can be very hard to get a suitably qualified person to move a heavy safe. As a result many contractors wont move safes because it is risky from a WHS (Workplace Health & Safety) point of view. There are numerous safe movers Brisbane residents can choose from. However its smart to ask a few questions on how they intend to do the job first. Of course the easiest way to ask without offence is to inquire about their safe work method statements.

Safe work method statement or “swims”  as they are known are documented safety plans of the job. A large number of furniture come safe movers don’t know what a swim is. Or they will say “no bro but I don’t mind a surf”.  Because they use brute force rather than skill and customized safe moving equipment. There is a real chance of an accident. Its worth asking, Do they have appropriate insurances in place? Will they do a site inspection to ensure the floor wont give way or be damaged. We have been selling and moving safes since 1988. Over that time I have subcontracted dedicated safe movers as well as watching people attempt to do it themselves.

Always ensure your safe movers Brisbane are LICENSED ! !

With any safe move the first thing to establish is the EXACT weight of the safe especially if there is an elevator involved. Next the route the safe is travelling should be identified as well as the floor surface. Recently we moved a large safe and when we bolted it down. We found that there was a electrical cable running through the concrete slab inside encased conduit. In this instance we had to move the safe just enough so the bolts cleared the electric cables. In this day and age there is pressure to get the job done as quickly as possible. However we are focused on getting it done safely as well.

Often we are asked to move a heavy safe out of business work hours. This is done so as there is minimal interruption for the business as well as the customers. We can also store your safe while you are doing a renovation. We have a security alarmed workshop with CCTV. Lastly most people who have a safe are sensitive about security. As a result we ensure ALL our safe movers are appropriately licensed and finger printed by the Qld Police. So you can be sure we are professionals and not furniture movers or labourers with a big truck. Call us on 1300 556500.

Click here to see how some amateur safe mover almost destroy a staircase !

Because stairs are tricky and potentially dangerous we have a stair climbing machine

This safe was so heavy it needed 4 men to move it. As a result our client tipped us a carton of beer

Because we operate from professional premises, we are very different and not a “post office box only business”

This job had to be done after Midnight because the Queen street Mall is too busy during the day !

Lots of safes to in our showroom indicates we know a thing or 2 about safes and their weights.

Up is sometimes the ONLY option