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Safe movers Ipswich South East QLD

Safes are designed to be very uncooperative when it comes to moving or relocating them. After all what would be the point if criminals could toss them in the boot of the car and make off with it. Well we seem to be the only safe movers Ipswich can attract.

This perplexes me as its only 20 minutes down the highway from our Rocklea head office. We have always done lots of safe moving and relocations in Ippy and with the increase in safe sales I see no reason why this wont stay the same.

Safe moving, safe repositioning, safe relocation, safe whispering, call it what you may is a specialised art. Its not just the weight that makes safes so tricky to move. When we are contracted to move a heavy safe our first concern is always safety.

Safety for the guys doing the actual work as well as those in the immediate vicinity. We will check the flooring to ensure it wont be marked during the move. We also that it wont give way under the weight.

Recently we brought in a Structural Engineer to sign off on our plan to disassemble a Vault in Brisbane. We had to install additional bracing to support the weight of the Vault door as it was transported over a “weak area”. Safe moving takes skill, and over the last 15 years we have developed lots of specialised safe moving gear.

With our safe movers Ipswich residents can relax and sit back as we do the hard work. As we have done hundreds of complex moves without incident. It doesn’t matter to us whether you want the safe moved 1 meter or 6 kilometers.

We can easily estimate the cost of moving a safe when you send through the dimensions of the safe along with a picture. For any questions  about safe movers or safe repositioning in and around Ipswich call us on 1300 556500.


This job required a 30m fly jib to lift the safe over an adjoining house !This 2.5 tonne brute required 4 men to move it.Lots of safes to in our showroom indicates we know a thing or 2 about safes.Up is sometimes the ONLY option

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Click here to watch some amateurs moving a heavy safe down some stairs, they were luck not to have damaged themselves or the building !