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Safe movers Sunshine Coast

Moving big heavy safes is a job best left to those who have experience. Whilst its possible for some furniture movers and amateurs to sometimes move a safe. Its usually just a matter of time before there is an accident.

Because safes are cumbersome they are tricky to move safely unless special precautions are taken. We have been selling and moving safes around South East Qld for almost 20 years now. When there is a need for safe movers Sunshine Coast dwellers can count that we will do the job with a minimum of fuss.

Relocating or moving safes up or down stairs is the trickiest part of our job. Most elevators can only carry the weight of a safe with assistance from a elevator technician onsite to tweak the breaks if necessary. With the recent theft of $200,000 of gold from a Brisbane residents safe there is never a better time to look at the security credentials of those moving your safe.

It is possible that you use an unlicensed safe mover they could have an extensive criminal history. After the jobs done they could tell all and sundry about your safe and your security.

We on the other hand are Licensed as per the Security Providers Act 1993 which requires us to be subjected to on going criminal history checks and finger printing. In the event you need a safe repositioned out of hours we can accommodate you as well. Large Banking institutions almost always demand safe moves be done after hours for both safety and security reasons.

Once we have moved your safe we are also very skilled at bolting it down, we use a variety of techniques and products designed for different types of flooring. Finally we accept Efpos and credit cards and in special circumstances can organise a credit account. If you would like a quotation to relocate or remove a safe simply send a picture to us along with the measurements.

Click here to view amateurs moving a safe down a flight of stairs — they were VERY lucky !!!! 

This one is 2980kg – whew ! ex Bank safe
This one was tricky to “tuck” into the corner
Heavy safe moving requires extra heavy equipment !!
Loading a Vault door !
Because we are so pedantic about safety accidents are almost non existent