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Safe moving service Brisbane

Its really important to use the right person for the right job. Our safe moving service team work in conjunction with our safe servicing division. Because we have sold so many safes in Brisbane over the last 25 years there is always an interesting job on the go. I don’t normally publicly plug my opposition however Hector the Erector are without doubt the team we wish to emulate. With safe moving first and foremost it must be done in a safe manner. Safe for the staff doing the move, safe for anyone nearby and safe for the owners property.

I still hear horror stories about untrained furniture movers damaging the safe or getting the safe stuck. They then leave it there as a monument to their incompetence. The starting point of any safe moving service MUST be to know the weight of the safe. It is a requirement with any “safe work method plan” or “risk assessment” that this basic information is known.

Working within the capacity of the moving equipment without a known weight is both dangerous and stupid. We often “walk the route” that the safe will take when we move a safe.W do this to double check for obstacles and things that may cause a problem. Moving a heavy safe (over 2000 kg ) over ceramic floor tiles can be dangerous. A tile could have a hollow spot under it and could cause the safe to slip off if it gives way suddenly.

Safe moving service also available outside normal hours !

We regularly remove unwanted safes from vacated tenancies and recently we dismantled and removed a 24 tonne Chubb Vault that a Bank had left behind. Banks often installed “demountable vaults” instead of Vaults that are part of the building. These are cheaper to install and can be removed when no longer needed. The removal was done out of hours so as not to interfere with the public.

We are dedicated to do any safe moving or relocations safely and as such will engage a structural engineer to check for structural weaknesses and whilst some may see this as an overkill it is critical to safety. Because I am so keen on safety I am happy to advise the weight of any safe you might consider moving, simply send me a picture with the door open at 45 degrees and the external height width and depth.


Loading a Vault door !
And another big one
This one is 2980kg – whew !!
This one was tricky to “tuck” into the corner

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Click here to see some people moving a heavy safe, this NOT how we move safe