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Safe opening Brisbane City & Suburbs

If you are having problems opening your safe, please watch out as there are lots of cowboy locksmiths out there. They will tell you they are experts but it won’t take long to work out that they don’t have a clue. To do a safe opening Brisbane home and business owners can rely on you need skill. Our credibility is on display as we have over 350 FIVE star GOOGLE reviews.

Cracking a safe open takes more than a drill and or a big hammer. We have been opening and repairing safes since 1988. We have a dedicated safe division just for those tricky safe cracking jobs. Our Coopers Plains workshop is filled with over 150 safes. Additionally we have forklifts, lathes, magnetic drill presses and other specialist safe opening gear. Safes are designed to make it hard to open without the correct combination or the right key. If there is a mechanical failure inside the lock drilling it open can be very tricky.

The difference between someone who knows what they are doing and someone who doesn’t can be stark. Any fool can attempt to butcher your safe open and when they get stuck they usually cut and run. They may even try a 9 inch angle grinder for example. However this usually destroys the integrity of the safe, NOT to mention the risk of fire or injury. And even if they get the safe open its rare the safe will be as strong as it was before they started.

350 FIVE star GOOGLE reviews, see how many our competitors have !

Opening a safe where the combination is lost is known as safe lock manipulation. Our team often “dial open” safes. Of course this skill is becoming somewhat redundant with the explosion in digital locks. As a general rule we see many more lock problems with spin combination locks than digital ones.

These problems present a real challenge when they occur. It’s worth noting  that it is almost impossible to do what is termed “hot works” in many shops and shopping centers as the risk of fire from a spark cannot be overstated. If you have any questions about safe opening Brisbane city or suburbs feel free to call and ask for me directly.


We have a huge range of safes!

This Chubb safe was destroyed in a huge fire – we were contracted to open it & retrieve the valuable contents ! Note after 4 hours of intense heat the contents remained in A1 condition

Generally cheap safes are easy for both crims and professionals to open

This “modular Vault’ weighs 15,000 kg and we both install and remove them all over Queensland !

We know about high grade safes !

Safe opening Brisbane City & Suburbs vers 1.7

Click here to see a couple of hopeless amateurs drill open a safe rendering it destroyed and unusable