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Safe opening Brisbane


I opened my first safe in 1978, well I was technically an assistant safe cracker. Things have come a long way since then as we now use some very cool gadgets to help open all types of safes. Most modern safes use digital locks and our most common safe problem is either a flat battery or dud batteries. Last month I did a safe opening Brisbane City, it was a CMI commerce and the person who had the code left abruptly. Opening a safe where the code is lost can be a tricky experience. Primarily safes are designed to keep people out. Most modern (good quality) safes have “hard plate” or glass relocking devices. If a criminal or unskilled person attempts to open a safe it can make the job even harder. It always best to let the experts do it.

Safe cracking needs to be done in such a way that the safe is as good as it was before it was cracked. Sometimes I see safes that have been opened and the person uses plastic putty to do the repair. When we have to drill a safe open we fill the hole with a much harder material. Many safe openings result from a lack of maintenance. Safes are like any other mechanical device and need to be serviced. Digital locks have definitely reduced the amount of servicing we do. However considering the consequences, servicing a safe every 2 or 3 years makes economic sense.

Our reputation is reflected with the 400 PLUS Google reviews, & 98% of them are 5 star rated, how’s that compare ?

Our new safe sales are mainly digital safes and rarely do we sell spin combination locks. This is also reflected by the safe servicing we do. Digital locks are both far more convenient and reliable than spin dial combination locks. That said Bunnings safes and many other cheap safes use extremely low grade digital locks. These cheap locks are notoriously unreliable and easy to bypass. Youtube has many videos of people cracking cheap safe locks.

We can open any safe it just a matter of time and effort. The highest grade Bankers safes can be cracked in due course. We also repair every brand and type of safe there is in Brisbane. Chubb safe company is probably the most popular safe followed by CMI safe company and then Guardall. We have all the relevant “blueprints” of these safes. These helps us work out the best  and most economical way to open the safe.

Most times we can open your safe in a timely manner. The opening can even be done on the same day depending on the safe and nature of the problem. If you want a quote to open a safe send me a photo so I can work out a price. Send your email to

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safe opening Brisbane

This is a magnetic drill base which we use on high grade safes

safe opening Brisbane

We also crack strong room doors. This 80 year old vault was interesting

safe opening Brisbane

They DONT get ANY tougher than this one

This inground safe was smashed open by criminals

Our safe division can open & service any safe !

We crack spin combination locks by feel, this is called manipulation. Note the magnifying glass !