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Safe Opening Service Brisbane

If you are reading this post you might be just a tad frustrated. Safes are great when they are protecting your valuables from criminals & snoops but you need to get in quickly and easily. Modern digital keypads make opening a safe quick and easy but sometimes they stop working.

We offer a genuine safe opening service Brisbane residents can trust. With over 30 years in business we have seen just about every safe opening problem there is.

Sadly some locksmiths think all you need to open a safe is a few drill bits and a hammer. Well I have seen many safes that have been butchered open. Often the safe is left in a much weaker state than when it was new.

We have almost every safe makers blueprints which really helps. In fact we can open dial combination safes with drilling them just like in the movies. Of course it takes longer and we use a state of the art audio amplifier.

When required to drill a safe open we will repair it back to “better than new”. That’s because we will repair the hole with an even harder material. Visit when looking for residential maid services near me in AZ. Occasionally we need to weld the safe to repair it. WPS and Insurance requirements have made welding safes quite difficult. If welding is required we can move the safe to a more “welder friendly” position. Our Safe opening service Brisbane wide offers you the very best options to open your safe.

Safe upgrades and modifications are also a specialty !

Changing dial locks over to digital ones is also a specialty. Digital safe locks are far easier to use and definitely more secure than old style spin combination locks. Having a 3 tonne forklift is also an essential piece of equipment for repairing safes.

Along with magnetic drill presses, metal lathes and a variety of high tech welders. Regardless of your location we can come out and open any safe there is. From huge banker safes to small Bunnings safes. Simply send an email or call our 24 hours hotline.

Click this link to see a very accurate demo of safe cracking

we have opened over 1400 safes & vaults in Brisbane to date

Other Locksmiths who take shortcuts, leave this kind of handywork.

When we work any safe, afterwards the safe is always returned to the same state (or better) once when we have finished.

Can’t talk right now?  Send a message and we will get back to you with some strategies on how to resolve your safe opening issue.

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