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Safe opening service Brisbane


Our safe opening service differs greatly from many other locksmith companies. Often they will attempt to gain entry to your locked safe without having any experience on that type of safe. Safes are designed to be very hard to open  but in reality there is no such thing as an uncrackable safe. Given enough time any safe can be opened.

There are a couple of things you should be aware of. If an inexperienced person attempts to open your safe its very possible that he can damage it beyond repair. Even worse the safes cash and fire rating may be also be compromised.

Unlike most locksmiths who just “dabble” with safes we are very serious about this niche service. A lot of them either operate from a van or have a workshop but don’t have any safe stock. Our Coopers Plains workshop has over 100 safes on display. We also have all the “proper” safe servicing equipment such as mig welders, metal lathes, and even a forklift.

Always ask for an estimate BEFORE you let someone try & open your safe

It seems strange to me that many so called “safe experts” can operate without one. Be aware should an amateur attempt to drill a safe in the wrong location the safe’s “relockers” can be triggered. These relockers can double deadlock the locking bars and then after he gives up & walks away you are left with an even bigger bill to open it.

We have opened more than 940 safes over the past 34 years. From cheap Bunnings safes up to huge Bankers grades safes. Afterwards the safe is always returned to the same state (or better) once when we have finished. We also tackle many of the safes they cant do such as strong room doors. Our safe opening service also looks after safe refurbishments. If you have a safe that needs upgrading or painting we can give it the care it needs as well.

Of course with such a specialized field we also offer an after hours safe opening service too. However some safes need special equipment which is not suitable for night work. Whatever the reason you need to use our safe opening service call for a WRITTEN quotation and we will be happy to oblige.

Safe opening service
This Chubb safe was destroyed in a huge fire – we were contracted to open it & retrieve the valuable contents ! Note after 4 hours of intense heat the contents remained in A1 condition
Safe opening service
Strong room door removal too !
Safe opening service
We can also repair safes provided it is economical to do so unlike this cheap hardware safe
Safe moving is also a specialty
We also do safe repairs and modifications

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