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When it comes to safes for sale Brisbane residents have arrived at the right web address. As my favourite customers are those who have done some research. Its not that I dont like explaining the differences between junk safes and good ones. In fact I love talking about safes it is I want my clients to feel they have made the right decision. I have lived and breathed safes for 40 years and I see buying a safe as a massive step forward in protecting what is precious to you.

In a perfect world we would leave our doors open and gun crime would not exist. Alas we have to be proactive about theft. After selling and servicing safes everywhere in Brisbane. I can work out pretty quickly what type, size and quality of a safe a potential client needs. Most people place size as their first criteria where as I believe quality or cash rating should be the starting point and then physical size.

Fire rating whilst important should not be the sole factor. Most quality safes have a fire rating but conversely most fire safes DO NOT have any significant cash rating. If you are unsure about cash rating (sometimes called Insurance rating) click here to get a clearer understanding. Cash rating is effectively a measure of how hard a criminal has to work to crack the safe open. And logically, the more you want to protect the more cash rating the safe should have.

Home safes are our most popular selling safe, these usually have a cash rating up to $20,000. Next are commercial safes which have a cash rating around $50,000.  Jewellery grade or jewellers safes have become very vogue with people storing or investing in Gold bullion. Finally Bankers grade safes which are really only bought by those wanting to protect large amounts of cash and or valuables.

We have a HUGE range of new & second hand safes in our showroom

Regardless for what type of safe you want to buy we have the range, expertise and skills to sell and install you the right safe. Were as most locksmiths “dabble” in safes we have been heavily involved safes for more than 30 years. It amazes me that many locksmiths try and sell safes from brochures and we seem to be one of the only locksmiths in Brisbane that has a forklift.

How can you sells safes with out a forklift, it is possible but its more a statement about their dedication. We also have magnetic drill presses, a dedicated welder/boilermaker doing all our modifications and a mobile safe servicing van.  The point being we take safes for sale Brisbane (but we are happy to sell anywhere in Aust) seriously and when you buy one from us you can rest assured we know our stuff, call us today on 1300 556500

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Safes for sale Brisbane Qld

Plasma cutter to modify a safe

Safes for sale Brisbane Qld

We do lots of welding !!!

Check out this Video which shows a safe cracking demo !

Whilst this type of attack is rare (with large prybars) the point about cheapie safes is very relevant !!!

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