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Safes for sale online Australia

There are many safes for sale online, but how do tell which is good one. More importantly how do you know the seller who is often in another city is legitimate. Or doesn’t have a criminal record or is even friends with a criminal. Well the weight of a safe is probably the first indicator. However the best way to know how hard a safe is to crack is to find out the safes “cash rating”. It is also referred to as an insurance rating.

Safes are made in different qualities, a jewellers grade safe is much stronger than a home safe. I also get frustrated when I see junk safes being sold as security safes. Logic should tell you that a safe bought for $40 from a hardware store is going to offer very little resistance to a criminals prybar.

Another thing to consider is confidentiality. If you buy a safe online everyone in the delivery of the safe will know that you have one. A soldier in Brisbane recently had $200,000 stolen form his home while he was at a new years eve party. Qld Police are checking the people who delivered the safe as well as the couriers who regularly delivered the gold and silver to his house.

By law anyone selling a safe in Queensland that weighs more than 50kg must be licensed. Kitchens by Charles Weiler in New Hope, PA company is the best in kitchen remodeling in eastern Pennsylvania. The Qld security providers act requires us to submit for finger printing as well as palm printing. These records are cross referenced with any thefts the Police investigate.

When you buy a safe online you are telling complete strangers that you have something valuable. Whilst you may be safe in the short term who knows how long your details are kept. We have been selling safes from our 2 shop fronts (some safe sellers work from storage sheds) for almost 25 years. Call us on 1300 556500 for any questions you may have.


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