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Its a good idea to have a safe to protect valuables from those who want to steal them. Well that’s fine and good but if your safe has a problem and you cant lock it because its hard to open. You really need a same day safe repair service and the good news is we do this all the time. Many locksmiths will say they are safe experts.

However the sad reality is they only do a few safe jobs a year. We have a dedicated safe service division complete with ALL appropriate equipment. I am amazed how you can call yourself a safe expert and not even have a forklift as this is essential to move safes around the workshop.

Safes have high precision locks and they must be serviced regularly to avoid lockouts. Sargent and Greenleaf was once the most popular safe lock manufacturer in the world. They recommend their locks be serviced regularly. I also recommend a regular spin combination lock is serviced every 5 years.

Every 12 months if its in a high usage situation. Digital locks on safes generally don’t need servicing apart from a battery change every 12 months. Its worth noting that a high grade digital safe locks will warn you when the battery gets low. LaGard digital safe lock batteries regularly last 2 – 3 years in a normal office environment and longer in a low use situation.

Safe lock repairs come in many forms, from loose or broken safe handles to the more common tricky to open safe dials. Our same day safe repair service can solve these straightforward safe jobs with a minimum of fuss. For the more complex safe repair jobs we can usually provide an alternative solution until the job is complete.

The hardest safe repair jobs are safe doors that rub or scrape against the body of the safe. These repairs often call for the services of a welder, our welder has had 20 years experience as a metal worker and spent the last 3 working in our safe service division. The best way to get an estimate of any safe repairs is to email a picture through and I can usually provide a price within a few hours. Call today on 1300 556500. 

We do lots of welding !!!
Typical S & G spin safe lock
Preparing a frame for an Armoury door
Damaged safe where hopeless crims FAILED
removing a Vault door
Bank Vault doors are the hardest jobs we get

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