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Second hand strong room door for sale in Australia

Over the last 20 years I received many phone calls asking me to remove strong room doors & vaults. However those calls have been reduced to just a trickle and the reason is the Banks no longer need branches in every suburb. Banks used to build purpose built shops and part of the fit out was a strong room or vault. They moved into shopping centres and moved their branches more frequently. With less cash and the move to digital currency they eventually stopped using strong rooms altogether. Hence its tricky to find a second hand strong room door in Australia.

Strong room doors and vaults come in two main varieties. Heavy bankers grade and light bookroom grade. The Banks used to keep lots of paper records thus they installed “bookroom” vaults in larger branches. To protect the large amount of cash they needed they installed vault doors that weighed between 1200 and 1600kg. These heavy doors ( and frames) were often anchored into the concrete walls measuring 300mm thick. Removing these doors is incredibly hard and they really need to be reinstalled onto a wall that could support the weight.

The lighter bookroom doors were often be installed onto a Besser block or brick wall. Now over the last 5 years I have seen an increased demand from people wanting 2nd hand vault doors. They are usually wanting them so they can secure their gun collections. By building a purpose built gun room they can protect their guns from theft and fire. As well as having a quiet place to reload ammo etc. Often they will be working on a rifle over several days and with the gunroom they dont have to pack everything away each time.

With almost 400 Google reviews our commitment to our customers is obvious !

So large heavy banker grade strong room doors are rare and when they do come up, are extremely hard to remove economically. Lightweight strong room and bookroom doors on the other hand are easy to remove if you can find one. These doors usually have a 6 or 12 mm steel front plate. They also weigh between 250 and 350kg. These days we only see 3 or 4 doors come onto the 2nd hand market each year. Hence we have sourced 2 models of lightweight vault doors that comply with most Govt regs.

The white door pictured below is either a John Tann or a ASC branded strong room door, It has a 12mm steel front plate. As well as heavy angle iron frame and an emergency release. It weighs 400kg and we can easily install a digital lock onto it. We are selling this door for $3700 plus freight. This door has been designed to mate up with a standard Bessor block wall. We have installed numerous strong room doors and are well positioned to discuss the various option that are now available. Call or email me for more info !

This is how it looked before we removed itInside with emergency release mechanismThe frame wraps around the wallThis is a custom built extra wide Vault doorThere is a full sized strong room door behind this false wallHow cool is this hidden full sized strong room door?This NEW vault door has a 12mm front plate and sells for around $5500 plus deliveryThis budget priced vault door has a 6mm front plate and retails for $3800

Blog title, Second hand strong room door version 1.32

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