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Security Alarm system Chapel Hill


We can install a smartphone security alarm system Chapel Hill residents can use to protect their families and possessions. Electronic alarm systems are definitely more popular these days. Sadly this is because people are feeling less secure even with good physical security. An alarm system is of little use if its not turned on. Research shows us this is because people are either too busy, forget or they have had a few false alarms.

Resulting expenses from the patrol company causes loss of faith in the alarm hence it becomes redundant. Since 1988 we have done thousands of jobs in and around Chapel Hill. And just as we have evolved so has electronic security. The old style back to base alarm systems are being replaced with smartphone “monitor it yourself” alarms.

Smartphone alarms have many more options than traditional alarms. Because if you forget to turn it on you can activate it anywhere there is mobile phone reception. Getting an activation notification simply log in and see in real time what has tripped your alarm.

With nearly 300 Google reviews our customers are wrapped with our service, and 98% of them are 5 star reviews too !

Bypassing the troublesome sector is easy until you get home to investigate. Often false alarms are caused by geckos or spiders and spraying a repellant around the detector usually fixes the problem. Smartphone alarms overseas ( the UK)  are outselling traditional back to base alarms by a ratio of 3 to 1. I believe this is because people are wary of signing 3 or 5 year contracts.

Almost all fixed monitoring agreements are used to claw back cheap installations or low cost alarm systems. Smartphone alarms are extremely secure. Furthermore when combined with an IP security camera system ( an easily installed option ) it can be used to verify what happening in your home.

Turning on or off pool pumps, lights and air conditioning is so easy when controlled by a user friendly smartphone interface. In addition to alarms we also supply safes & deadlocks. So in closing we are keen to help and most of all we want to build on the goodwill residents of Chapel Hill have given us.

It’s also noteworthy to mention we operate from professional premises while a lot of alarm companies use a post office box or a mobile van. This is especially relevant if you have had tradie make a commitment only to let you down. Call us today for more information or to arrange a free security assessment on 1300 556500 !

Security alarm system Chapel Hill version 1.21

Use your smartphone to lock or unlock the door

This is a daily view from our locksmith vans windscreen driving from our Taringa shop to our Rocklea HQ !

All our staff are uniformed and carry Qld Security Licenses !