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Security alarm system Moorooka

Moorooka is just 4 kilometers from our workshop on Beaudesert road. Each year we drive through Moorooka thousands of times en route to the many security installation and service jobs. It is a beautiful and unique suburb however the work we do is very similar to most other Brisbane suburbs.

Best Security alarm system Moorooka

Over the years we have seen Moorooka become a highly sought after residential address. However Moorooka has consequently become attractive to criminals. A lot of its residents have housing loans. They are hard working and always keen for solutions to make life easier. We have a new security alarm system Moorooka residents can use to make life simpler and safer.

Probably the best feature is how it is easy to control the security in your house with your smartphone. Anywhere there is a mobile phone signal your smart phone becomes your crime fighting tool kit. Hence smartphone alarm systems are out selling traditional alarms by a ratio of 3 to 1.

This is due to the how time poor most people are and therefore looking for ways to make life simpler. Electrical components such as pool pumps and lights can be controlled with a smartphone also. Rather than make life harder, smartphone alarms make it easier.

Best however is the ability to dial in and check out whats going on via the IP security camera option. In the event of an alarm activation you can verify what has tripped the alarm. Using the phone either to reset it bypass the sector or call the Police. In addition to easy of operations modern wireless alarms are more secure because of inscription technology. Customers can also perform simple maintenance tasks themselves such as battery replacements.While many businesses flounder with 28 years and with almost 200,000 jobs and we have a huge customer base that keep getting bigger. Licensed as per the Security Providers Act 1993 ensures all our staff are fingerprinted and check for any criminal activities. Noteworthy many smaller mani in van alarm installers are unlicensed. Finally we won’t make you to sign a nasty 3 or 5 year monitoring agreement.

These are used by some companies who temp the unsuspecting with cheap installs. They know they will get additional fees back with their watertight legal monitoring contract. In conclusion we don’t need tricks to to win business we just provide great customer service. Call us today to book  your free security assessment on 1300 556500 !

Click here to visit Qld Police’s crime prevention website

Use your smartphone to lock or unlock the door

For 28 years we have been installing and fixing security equipment on Brisbane’s Southside.

All our staff are uniformed and carry Qld Security Licenses !