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Security Alarm system St Lucia

We have operated our shop in Taringa for almost 29 years. During that time we have done thousands of security jobs for the residents of St Lucia, Toowong, Indooroopilly and Kenmore as well as a host of other Brisbane suburbs. We have seen many advancements in both Alarms and mobile phone technology in this time. With smartphones being used so often it makes sense for alarm manufacturers to use apps to control alarms remotely.

By installing a smartphone security alarm system St Lucia residents can control their home security with the swipe of a finger. As a result they can log in remotely and see what is going on in their home. In addition lock or unlock doors, arm or disarm the system and use the “home automation” interface. Control of lighting, pool pumps in fact just about any electrical component there is.

Self Monitored Alarm Systems

If you have ever raced out the door and halfway to work pondered did I turn the alarm on ? Well now it’s so easy to check and then set the alarm, all from your smartphone. Smartphone alarm systems use your existing internet connection to protect your home and possessions. However it can also be optioned with a backup 4G sim card for those wanting premium security protection. It would be ludicrous to suggest people could go back to a “standard mobile phone” as smartphones have changed so many tasks we do everyday.

We work tirelessly to keep up with the newest technology on the market and ensuring we only supply quality products. There are many home smart devices available online or home alarms, these are often low quality and can be knock-offs. Furthermore we are committed to ensuring you have access to the latest technology at affordable prices. Since The NBN roll-out Started in 2012, There have been numerous issues with alarms across Brisbane. As a result, alarms can no longer dial out through existing phone lines, Now requiring additional modules to do so.As a result “electronic security” is going through similar changes and “back to base” monitored alarm systems will still be available for many years but will mainly be used in the commercial sector. These days we would recommend installing a GSM module to monitor your own Alarm system remotely. We can advise the best configuration for your alarm system as well as program and install your smartphone security alarm.

Our Team is fully licensed and dedicated while being skilled with all aspects of both physical and electronic security. Give us a call today for a free security assessment on 1300 556500 !

Security Alarm system St Lucia

Version: 1.3.2


Use your smartphone to lock or unlock the door

We have been servicing St Lucia for almost 30 years !

All our staff are uniformed and carry Qld Security Licenses !