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Security alarm system Wishart

My Mother has lived in Wishart for the last 30 years. During time she was lucky not to have any visits from criminals. Wishart really doesn’t have a crime problem and I think that is because its residents are proactive about security. That said I definitely believe you must get on the front foot and stay there to deter criminals.

For many years the only choice people had with alarms were the modem dialing ones. These are dinosaurs when you compare them to the new smartphone security alarm system Wishart residents can now use to protect their families and possessions. These App based alarms are easy to use and have numerous options available.

They are cheap to run as you can monitor them yourself. When installed correctly there are just as secure as many of the more expensive electronic alarm systems on the market. The big alarm companies really don’t like the new “do it yourself” alarms because there are no “monitoring contracts”.These legally binding contracts provide a 3 or 5 year income stream for them. Scheduled services for batteries that must be replaced by a technician. If you want a security camera system that’s an extra bonus, for them. Our new wireless smartphone alarm systems ( we have 3 different brands that we use) use your internet connection.

It will keep you up to date with security in your home. You can pick and choose what options are important. If you want a 4G sim card to back up your internet connection add it in. If you want to be able to see whats happening in your home from anywhere there is a phone network signal add it in. There are so many options to choose from.

We have been supplying and servicing all manner of security equipment from our ( shop based ) Rocklea workshop for almost 30 years. During that time we have built up a huge client base and I believe it because we communicate well with our customers. If you are interested in us doing a security assessment of your home call us on 1300 556500.

Use your smartphone to lock or unlock the door

We have done thousands of security jobs in and around Wishart over the last 28 years !

All our staff are uniformed and carry Qld Security Licenses !