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Security camera install Brisbane


We recently did a large security camera install Brisbane City unit complex. The units had numerous break ins and because of the layout of complex. It was difficult to determine who were tenants and who were bona fide visitors.

We installed 9 state of the art IP cameras with monitors prominently positioned inside the entry points. Over the next 6 months break and enters dropped from 8 per month to 2 for the the whole period. This is an example of “passive security” where the security system deters crime without impacting on the lives of the unit residents.

Security camera technology had advanced at an incredible rate. Via the internet, the ability to view security cameras anywhere in the world peace of mind is just a click away. Be it parents on holiday wanting to “check in” and see that the kids aren’t having a Facebook party.

Those who are concerned whether the “dog sitter” is actually taking the dog out for a stroll. Security cameras have become a trusted tool available to us all. Business owners are also quick to embrace digital camera technology.

With more and more people using eager law firms to compensate them for legitimate and illegitimate workplace injury claims. There has never been a better time to record what really goes on in your home or workplace. Of course as technology advances the cost of security equipment goes down.

Conversely the quality of security cameras and associated recorders increases. One of the best examples of this is video data storage capacity. The sheer amount of video footage captured requires the DVR hard drive to store enough data that when an incident does happen it is held and not deleted or written over.

We recommend that data be stored for a month and with a 5 terabyte this is very achievable. We can design and install a tailored security camera install Brisbane wide, call us today on 1300 556500. To illustrate how a security camera system can be used to defend against a frivolous claim click the video link below.

One of our service techs was returning from an installation in the Brisbane CBD. Just as he was turning into our Rocklea workshop driveway a small 4 x4 tried to zip up the inside. Our tech did indicate his intention to turn and there was only 2 lanes available.

The offending vehicle clipped the front left hand side of our vehicle. Soon after we received a letter of demand to pay for the damage to her car. We provided the video evidence and the miraculously the claim was dropped.


More cameras, more monitors, more is always better !

Camera systems are ever vigilant !

Our vans are sign written, staff are licensed and uniformed !

Installing the very latest equipment makes a lot of sense.

Click here for Qld Police advice on Security Cameras

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