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Veterinary drug safes Queensland (Qld)

Veterinary drug safes are just the same as required by chemists all over Queensland. The Qld Health department is responsible for enforcing the Qld Health act. This act stipulates particular scheduled drugs must be secured inside a container that is commonly referred to as a dangerous drug safe. The regulations that are relevant to the storage of dangerous drugs set out the thickness of the safes steel door & body as well as what type of lock is needed.  How the safe is secured to the floor or wall and more.

After recent media attention, the Qld Health department broadened the regulations to include drugs that Vets commonly use. We have seen a large increase in the number sales of drug safes to Veterinarians. Qld Health inspectors have been very busy checking how Vets keep dangerous drugs secure. They are also quick to condemn many substandard safes and containers such as safes that are sold by Bunnings. Another source of non-compliant drug safes is online safe sellers operating interstate. Qld has much more stringent criteria than other states and many safes sold online cannot be used in Qld.

Our Coopers Plains Showroom has Drug safes on display

We have a large range of Veterinary dangerous drug safes on display and in stock. Our most popular drug safe for Vets is the Guardall DSK1 which measures 4550 x 300 x 150 mm (high x wide x deep) and sells for $740. This drug comes with a high grade key lock but can be fitted with a digital lock for an additional fee. It also has adjustable shelves as well as holes to secure it to floor and or wall which we also do. Anyone installing a drug safe in Qld must be licensed as per the Qld Security Providers act 1991 because a safe (drug safe included) is deemed to be a “Security device” and must be installed by someone holding a “security installers” license.


We have drug safes for every size, need and requirement.

This is the inside of a NON COMPLIANT drug safe – when forced with a jimmy bar the brass tongue snaps

This is how a compliant drug safe SHOULD look – the steel guard makes it harder to jimmy open !

Click here for link to QLD Health drug safe guidelines

link above to the Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996 for your information. Appendix 6 is located on page 275.