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Wireless alarm system Brisbane


Best Wireless alarm system in Brisbane

There have been HUGE advances in electronic security over the last 30 years. Antiquated alarm systems that were available look almost prehistoric compared to the latest ones now available. One question that causes more controversy than any other in the alarm installation arena is wireless versus hard wired.

This vexed topic usually revolves around reliability and certainly early on there were some issues. However these have been mostly ironed out. We can install a wireless alarm system Brisbane residents can use to keep criminals. It can also be used to see whats happening when there is an activation.

I point to the wireless computer connectivity as evidence of the reliability that is now available. Huge research and development funds that has been poured into computer modems has trickled across into the security industry. Whilst a wireless alarm system does have lower installation costs than hard wired alarms.

Its the mating of the alarm’s control panel to the smart phone where the real difference can be seen. The Risco wireless alarm system has both Apple and Android apps that allow you to turn your alarm on as well as off, remotely. This simple option can give you peace of mind as you race out the door.

The RIsco wireless alarm will also notify you if the batteries are getting low in any component of the system. Furthermore you can install sensors that also send video of any activation. This is option can save you monitoring fees as well as help you deal with false alarms.

When you get a notification of an alarm event  you check the video to see one of your dog locked in the house. Quick as a flash you disarm the system to keep the neighbors on side because there is no greater annoyance than an alarm blaring for no apparent reason.

In closing this wireless alarm system has a myriad of options. We are only too happy to install it or program it up and give you tips on how to do it yourself.

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All our staff are uniformed and carry Qld Security Licenses !

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