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Wireless home security systems Brisbane


Wireless home security systems are now more economical, reliable and easy to install than ever and after many years of testing differing brands and models we have thrown our support and name behind the Yale “Smart Phone” wireless alarm system. Unlike most alarms on the market this one allows you to monitor the security of your home from your smart phone.

For years now the Big alarm companies have dictated the industry by installing cheap alarms with a lock in monitoring contract. These contracts had big penalties for cancelling them and service and maintenance programs that stung you each time you needed a service or a security patrol.

The Yale smart phone wireless home security systems that we install have lots of user friendly features. They will warn you when the batteries are getting low in any component as well as being able to arm and disarm from anywhere in the world so long as there a phone signal.Another benefit is that you can add as many or as few parts as you want or need, video PIR detectors, smoke detectors, extra keypads, remote fobs extra sirens to name a few. Wireless home security systems have had an Achilles heal and that was the reliability of the signal transmission and receipt, however this is pretty much a non issue.

The advances that have been made with mobile phone and computer modem technologies have flowed over to the Yale wireless alarm. The Yale brand is probably one of the best know security names in the world and is owned and backed by Assa Abloy which is one of the largest security manufacturing companies in the world.

Probably the stand out feature of the Yale system is that it can be programmed to send video footage of an “event” to your (or multiple) peoples smart phone. This way you can see what is going ob rather than being stressed until you send a security patrol out or get home yourself.

We can advise you on what pieces you need and where to place them for maximum protection. Finally we have both the experience and credibility to do the job and unlike many smaller “man in a van tradies” we operate from 2 shop front locations, call us today on 1300 556500.

One of our clever techs programing a keypad !

One of our clever techs programing a keypad !