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Yale home safes review


Yale home safes are probably one of the best known lock brands in the world. It was Linus Yale that patented the pin tumbler lock that nearly every modern lock draws its design and heritage from. Alas in this day and age famous brand names are traded by large corporations.

They only see them as a number on a balance sheet. The once proud Yale name which was synonymous with quality is now owned by Assa Abloy. Assa Abloy are one of the worlds largest lock companies. 

Check out the review on Yale safes that AMAZON client did,  (click here to read )

Now they have put the Yale name on a huge range of security items that are made in China. In my opinion the Yale home safes range are nothing more than a cheap version of all the others. Cheap low grade safes being produced en mass from Asia. These safes are pitched to the Home safe market which are generally sold for less than $500.

Yale Home safes Service in Brisbane

The word safe is one that is now used very loosely. When a company produces a tin box, whacks a lock on it and sells it for $60 (as is the case with Bunnings). Surely no one seriously believes it will keep the crims away from their goodies for very long.

Sadly this is the case however if only the public did just a wee bit of research. Very quickly they would soon find, its all about ratings. Fire ratings and cash ratings to be more precise.

Which make comparing various “safes” more straight forward and allow people to understand just how safe or vulnerable their possessions will be when stored in a particular safe.


Yale Home safes logo

An instantly recognisable brand !

Yale Home safes digital key pad
Yale Home safes small

This Yale “safe” weighs 16 kg, seems a bit light for a safe to me !

I have inspected and sold most Yale home safes and I will continue to sell them. However I always warn potential buyers that the Yale home safe range is just that, a home safe. They have a very low “cash rating” (sometimes called Insurance rating) which simply means they are only suitable for protecting small amounts of cash and low values of jewellery.

The fire ratings some of their safes have are similar to many others on the market. Their warranty is reasonable but there are NO SPARE parts available. This means when electronic lock fails after 3 years you will have to buy a brand new safe.

We have over 300 Google reviews and 98% are 5 star

I invite anyone thinking about choosing any of the Yale home safes (or any other low grade safe) to come down and have a look at our safes and compare them. I would rather a customer walks away from my showroom armed with all the facts rather than sell them the wrong safe. Its easier to say nothing and take the cash but thats not me.

I invite your calls (even those from the Yale home safes reps) and look forward to assisting you.


Note : Assa Abloy owns the Lockwood Lock name as Well as Yale !