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Yale wireless alarm review Australia

Today’s Yale wireless alarm is an app based wireless security alarm which has been primarily targeted at the domestic market. I aim in this Yale wireless alarm review to keep it to the point and somewhat independent. I have been a little critical of the Yale brand when I did a review on the Yale badged safes. In that review I touched on the relationship between the Yale brand and its parent company Assa Abloy. Yale being one of the most recognisable lock brands on the market today.

Blog Update; 7/3/17

However just because a large multinational sticks a well known brand on a new product it doesn’t mean its elevated to the status of their previous products. That said after 9 months of working with the local sales rep and installing it in homes in Brisbane the feedback is truly in.

Yale had exceptional marketing but there were just too many flaws and glitches with the product to continue recommending it to our clients.

We have tried to work with Yale and Assa Abloy about these faults but the false alarms, faults in the PIR’s and some other small but enough to cause a lack of trust in the brand.  At this point in time, but we are always open to a phoenix experience.

The demand for a smart phone alarm system is still high so we did some research and identified that the Risco Alarm fits the bill as a reliable remote checking alarm system.

Risco’s Agility 3 wireless alarm system

  • Easy to program and install
  • Expandable to include a vast array of detection equipment
  • Reliable and robust
  • Virtually immune from hacking
  • Use for surveillance and monitoring (think pets )
  • Use as a home automation system
  • Use on any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer

There is a bit of a push back from the Big alarm companies scoff at the DIY alarm concept because they have invested in large infrastructure resources.

Some of these resources are traditional alarm control rooms and manpower. They are very content to charge monthly monitoring fees which are usually based around a contract. Those contracts are biased to them rather than the consumer.

Since the Agility 3 wireless alarm was released in England 5 years ago and has been refined it with upgrades and equipment options. Statistics confirms alarm very effective at deterring crime. In addition it offers you the peace of mind that comes with video streaming.

Having 2 teenage children, my remote check in home alarm sends me a text whenever the kids get home from school.

If I chose I can “look in” and see what they (or their friends) are doing, hopefully their homework. Arming or disarming the alarm using my phone is so easy. I can turn on or off appliances or lights should I wish.

At the heart of this unit is a wireless modem that is easy to program and use. Should the unit “go off line” a text message alerts you so. You can add more “video detectors” which send a small video of what was happening when it was triggered.

Finally there is much more to write in my Risco Agility 3 wireless alarm review. However, I will soon be adding a detailed version which will have much more information. In closing I invite you to contact us for a no obligation demo either at our Rocklea head office of in the comfort of your own home.