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You are here » Home » Resources » Dangerous Drug Storage Regs1996 – Drug safe Spec

Dangerous Drug Storage Regs1996 – Drug safe Spec

QLD Health Act Dangerous Drugs  Click this link to view specifications for storage of Dangerous Drugs in Qld as per the Qld Health act, Dangerous Drug Act 1996.

Through reports and papers from QLD Health, medical journals and main stream media that since 1993 Vets have been the highest at risk of suicide compared to Dentists, Doctors and pharmacists.

300 deaths have been linked to the euthanasia drug, 10% of those have had a link to Vet clinics.  QLD Health Act previously only requiring it be locked in a cupboard or in a room that has limited access.  Due to a recent death in Brisbane, there is calls for this drug act to be reviewed.

The Australian Veterinary Association provides telephone counselling on 1800 337 068

But it isn’t only for this purpose that upgrading Drug storage options for your clinic is may need a second look.  A well known fact in the wrong circles of the low level or security required for animal medication; intravenous equine drugs; analgesic torbugesic tartrate, the sedative ketamine and also lethabarb, which is used to euthanise horses.

Due to the low security level required for storing these drugs we are communicating with the offices at QLD Health to identify any new pre-requisites for drug storage at vets.  We will update this page regularly.