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Gun safe repairs Brisbane

We perform so many gun safe repairs in Brisbane on so many different gun safes. Winchester, Spika, Big Iron, Buffalo…

High security gun safe Australia

So there is a lot of dodgy information about safes on the internet because that the nature of the internet.…

Digital lock for a gate Brisbane

There are so many digital locks on the Australian market. Bunning have at least 10 different models BUT virtually none…

Wall mounted high security car key safe Australia

I used to sell just a few high security car key safes however we now get lots of inquiries. In…

Large capacity drug safe with drawers

I have been selling drug safes for many years and the design has changed little. That is until now, they…

Second hand strong room door for sale in Australia

Over the last 20 years I received many phone calls asking me to remove strong room doors & vaults. However…

Digital door lock installation Brisbane

There are SO MANY companies offering new and fancy digital locks on the Australian market. Most are electronic, some connect…

Locksmith call out Brisbane all area’s

When you need a locksmith it usually involves a security issue. Waiting a week or even a few days can…

24 Hour Locksmith service Brisbane

Sadly when your in a pickle the stress levels can rise quickly. Now if your in trouble outside of business…

New safes Brisbane

Its so easy to buy a new safe but the question is how do you buy the right safe. In…

Cheap Vault door Australia

Now everyone likes a bargain but and there is always a but there is a relationship between price & quality.…

Budget priced strong room door Australia

Our latest budget priced strong room door is a light grade vault door and would be great as a gun…

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Here at KGB we take pride in our knowledge and resources being always kept at the forefront of security devices, digital CCTV, Alarms and safes. In our blog we have collated 35 years of security knowledge and local market and landscape insight to help you to make the right decisions for not only your home security but locks, door access and safe removal and installations.

Our team are always trained to implement the latest devices we think that are the best in the market. The promptness of our staff and their professionalism is what we take great care to ensure that our quality of service and the products we deliver are always the best in price and quality.

Restricted Key Order Form for those who are on our Master or Restricted Key Systems;

Please fill out the order form and email to

There is a clickable link in the PDF form that will help you get the completed form to us faster.