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We can advise, supply, remove and install safe for both Brisbane home and commercial requirements. We have a large stock of both new and second hand refurbished safe that can provide fire protection, environment resistance for example keep documents dry from water and essentially keep your valuables safe from theft.  We not only advise you on the best safe, we offer a professional safe removal service from the straight forward to ones that need a wall removed to be taken from the building.

We advise you on the safe that best suits your individual home security needs from Brisbane to Weipa. KGB Security safe includes data safedeposit safedrug safefire safefloor safehome safejewellery safeoffice safe and refurbished safe.  There is a large variety of specification that safes come in such as different types of locking mechanisms, locations (floor safe), and sizes.

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Having a home safe is a great security measure, but fire related issues can also be significant for people. With a home safe it can protect your most important irreplaceable documents for example diplomas, birth certificates, collectables, family photographs with sentimental value. The one off investment in a home safe is worth the value for your personal valuables.

Similarly, an office safe is wise investment to keep all your valuable, sensitive documents, corporate records, and blank checks protected. Moreover water damage or fire may potentially occur and destroy all your important business documents within minutes. An office safe can protect your assets against primarily theft and natural disasters.


  • Location -wall, floor, stand-alone
  • Is it fire resistant?
  • Budget
  • Type of lock configuration – combination, electronic, key-based
  • Size – the amount of shelves inside
  • Construction of the safe
  • Protection from safe being tampered with e.g. secondary re-locking device
  • Consider how the safe will be fitted in your home or business
  • Cash rating = to the value of goods secured in the safe and helps with your insurance premiums.

Safe Delivery Options

  • Borrow a trolley and put it in your van/car
  • Drop off to your garage
  • Recommendation that all safes with bolt holes should be bolted down with approved anchors
Installation = bolt down is a fully licensed technicians install with the approved anchors

Delivery Only = dropped into your garage.

1. Under 50kgs

  • $120 delivery only
  • delivery & installation from $220 – $320

2. Above 50kgs – 140kgs

  • $180, delivery only
  • delivery & installation from $220

3. 140kgs – 300kg

  • $240+ delivery only
  •  delivery & installation from $280

4. From 300 – 500kgs

  • specific information for delivery required
  •  delivery & installation from $480

5. Vault Doors

  • delivery from $200
  •  interstate from $240

6. 500kg+

  • this is a highly detailed install/delivery = need photos and details

6. Sunshine Coast*

  • from $280 delivery and installation available on Friday and Wednesdays *(costs may vary)

7. Gold Coast*

  • from $280 delivery and installation *(costs may vary)

8. Interstate delivery door to door only

  • 50kgs = $50
  • 140kgs+ = $240
  • Door to door – custom quote depending on your location
  • Installation – custom quote depending on your home/business
We can deliver your safe to your home in an unmarked vehicle with plain clothes technicians ensuring your privacy.  Our technicians are fully licensed and carry identification and will show it to you upon arrival.

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