If you buy one of our selected safes listed below and it is broken into (breached ie the criminals gain entry) or rendered unrepairable we will replace it with a safe of the same size and quality!
This offer is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase
You will need to provide us with the Police report number
You will need to register your safe by filling out the registration card
Offer excludes freight for the new safe
We will take possession of the damaged safe for research purposes
Offer is not transferable in the event you sell the safe
Offer excludes damage to safe other than a break and enter or burglary
Replacement of safe where safe is stolen is only available when a bolt down/ Installation is performed by KGB.

List of qualifying safes ……

 All Lokaway rifle cabinets
Guardall BFG series safes BGF100, BFG400, BFG500, BFG600, BFG800
Guardall in-ground floor safes
Guardall KCR510, KCR615, KCR1, KCR3
We are offering this because we have such faith in the above safes and are happy to answer any questions you may have.