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Garage door remote replacement Brisbane

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Everyone loves remotes, a remote to change the TV channel, a remote for your car. Remotes are also common place for many types of garage doors and gates. Tiltdoor, panel lift and roller doors all become so much easier to use when connected to a remote control unit. But before you jump on the internet for your garage door remote replacement take a moment to consider the security ramifications. Its very conceivable you could be dealing with criminal hiding behind a fancy  website. We have been trading from our SHOP front address for almost 30 years and are licensed as per the Security Providers Act 1993.

Garage and gate remotes come in many different brands and types.

In the event your remote is stolen or lost it is imperative the receiver module is reprogrammed so that the criminals cannot use them. We have 8 mobile service vans that cover all Brisbane suburbs and can even offer a same day service. It is also possible to combine multiple remotes to a single unit.

We offer genuine and compatible replacements for the following brands:



Home Entry

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genuine and compatible garage remote replacement
Dominator Red Remote replacements
Boss remote replacement
Gate Remote replacements
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compatible and genuine Remote replacements
Garage Remote replacement

Need a garage door remote control replacement? We Reprogram and sell remotes for Automatic Doors, Gate Controls and Garage Doors

Give us a call or send us an email. We’re here to help!

Good to Know:

Always take a photo of your remotes so in case it is ever lost or stolen we can easily replace it for you.