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Emergency Locksmiths Forest Lake

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Forest Lake is a young and vibrant suburb on Brisbane’s Southside and like all new suburbs there are a lot of family’s coming and going. Alas, when you and your neighbours aren’t acquainted yet, they might dismiss a strange car parked in your driveway. Neighbourhood watch works best when we all take an interest in our fellow citizens. Unfortunately today, with our frantic lifestyles, criminals can do their worst and rarely be challenged. Of course break and enter repairs are not the only urgent calls we get. Often when there is a call for emergency locksmiths Forest Lake, residents don’t have to wait long. We at KGB Security Locksmiths own 9 mobile service vans that zip around Brisbane’s Southside. If you’re locked out we will put you will move oceans to see you enter your home ASAP.

We are members of the Locksmiths Guild of Australia as well as the Master Locksmiths Association of Australia, with 26 years of customer service, you can be sure we provide the best of service. Sadly, with all the flashy website now beckoning you it is hard to pick the shonks from the legit tradies. We invite you to read our reviews or simply call us and see how we measure up. Ask us some questions and you will soon find out that all of our staff are rowing in the same direction.

Credibility goes further than having a good name when it comes to the security of you and your family.  We are fully licensed and fingerprinted by the Qld Police. We have both Class 1 and Class 2 security licenses and its worth noting that some other locksmiths either can’t or won’t get a Qld Security License. They avoid this by ensuring they ONLY do residential or car lock jobs, of course I cant understand how anyone would consider handing their keys to an unlicensed security provider reguardless of how good the price is.

In closing we can do just about any job so call us today on 1300 556500 !


Emergency Locksmiths Forest lake
All vans are sign written, staff are uniformed and carry Security Licenses !






















We operate from a workshop rather than a post office box !
We operate from a workshop rather than a post office box !












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