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Secondhand drug safes pitfalls

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On the surface it seems like a good idea, save some money  by buying a secondhand drug safe. However the pitfalls are varied & many especially in Queensland. Qld has extremely tight regulations on how a drug safe is to be constructed and installed. The Queensland Heath act spells out that dangerous drug safes must have 10mm steel walls and door. They specifically speak of a “steel guard around the bolt of the lock”. This addition greatly increases the resistance to attacks by means of prybar or crowbar. I estimate that 50% of secondhand drug safes don’t have this installed. Its chalk and cheese in that drug safes without the steel guard are easy to prise open.

The Qld Health department looked at the designs of the drug safes that were being jimmied open against those that survived. It was a simple remedy to make the drug safes much much harder to crack open. Many of the secondhand drug safes we trade in have been condemned by the Qld Health Inspectors. So If you are looking for secondhand drug safes in Brisbane pop in and check out our reconditioned ones. We can modify the non compliant safes by installing the steel guard. Additionally installing a digital lock makes opening the drug safe a breeze.

I have also noted an increase in demand for larger drug safes. This demand is driven by the distributors rewarding Pharmacists for placing larger orders. Our new drug safes also have “pull out drawers” which makes for better access. They also have the option for upgrading from keylock to digital locking. You can buy a keylock version and then at a later date we can swap the lock over for you. Check out the pictures of compliant drug locking mechanisms below.

Secondhand drug safes


Steel guard shown clearly

Extra large drug safe













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