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Very often I get requests to make stands for safes so that staff don’t have to get down on their knees to access the bottom drawers or shelves for the safe, now I don’t know if its my imagination but the demand for this sort of thing is becoming more frequent. Possibly those who use safes are getting older and the knee’s are starting to get a bit stiff, regardless this has become more prominent with WHS legislation forcing employers to “provide a safe work environment” and this means if you can reduce the amount of bending then logically you will reduce workplace injuries.

Now safes are almost always heavy, (note if your safe is NOT heavy, it will be easy to steal) and raising the bottom drawer or shelf of a safe up to “a safe working height” is not as easy as you might think. We have been doing safe modifications in Brisbane for over 2 decades now and we use the latest skills and equipment in our safe & vault division to service, modify an move safes. So building a stand for a safe to sit on is not difficult for us. We can design, build and install a stand that not only looks aesthetic, but is strong and secure.

It is critical that the stand is strong enough to support the weight of the safe because should the stand collapse it could be catastrophic to life and property. I would also point out that I have seen many failed attempts to move a heavy safe that could have had dire consequences and encourage anyone who buys a safe to spend the money to get the safe moved professionally.  We have also been moving safes in Brisbane for over 10 years and have the will and skills to do this task with a minimum of fuss. We use welded steel as a wooden safe stand or safe base could collapse from various issues (termites, wood rot etc) and can build it to suit your particular situation.

The safe stand pictured below was custom made to fit under the owners staircase. We can paint the stand or paint a safe any colour you desire and of course this is best done before its delivered. You will also see we design our safe stands so that it is hard to access (tamper) with the bolt that holds the safe to the stand and of course we recommend bolting a safe down securely with quality anchors.  If you have any questions in relation to us providing a quote for a safe please don’t hesitate to contact us. So if you need a safe modified or the services of a safe removalist, Brisbane has access to the experts KGB Security, call us on 1300 556500

Pictures of safe stands and safe bases……

We made this stand for this safe because the owner was unable to bend her back !
We made this stand for this safe because the owner was unable to bend her back !



















This security safe stand is made by Guardall
This security safe base or stand is made by Guardall


Stand for cash Safe - Safe Base
The safe stand makes it much easier to access the contents


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